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image2.gifNeed a Mechanical Engineer? Permanent Direct hire ONLY- $500 to Agents finding me - Resume 2010

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image2.gifLetter of Recommendation from Dr. Duncan Earl - 2/17/09

image2.gifBrentwood High 30th Class Reunion - Pictures / more to come.

image2.gifBrentwood High 40th Class Reunion - Pictures / more to come.

image2.gifNeed a Mechanical Engineer? Resume 2010 thanks Ray K.

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Work Information

Most Recent Post – Quality Technician

Senior Aerospace Jet Products, 9106 Balboa Ave., San Diego, Ca. 92123

Key responsibilities

PCMS(Faro Arm) Dimensional Inspection of parts supplied to

Spirit Aerospace and Goodrich Aerostructures

PC-DMIS and CAM2Measure Inspection programming.

CAD Models of parts and assemblies.

Solidworks models and drawing support for fabrication, inspection models and dimensions

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Picture List

image2.gifPicture of the Family '09

image2.gifPicture of Steven Anthony and Auto Duck(note windshield)

image2.gifPicture of the Family '98

image2.gifPicture of 2009 Wa. visit Gabe , Pictures of 2009 Wa. visit Colin ,Pictures of 2009 Wa. visit Mia ,Pictures of 2009 Wa. visit Mom

image2.gifPicture of Allegra and Don S. - 2009

image2.gifPicture of our Godson.

image2.gifPicture of the Mo. visit Family '99

image2.gifPicture of the Mo. visit Family '00

image2.gifPicture of the Family '99

image2.gifPicture of the Much Brothers and families April 2001.

image2.gifPicture of the Snake that came into our yard.

image2.gifPicture of the San Damiano Cross

image2.gifPicture of the Family at Disneyland

image2.gifAerial photo of the rancho in Valley Center.

image2.gifVideo MPG 2005 Muchs.

image2.gifDale, Jan, Chris, Sarah 3/2/03.

image2.gifPost All Star 06/26/2005.


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Contact Information

E-Mail address


Web address


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Most Recent Projects

Design Concentrated PhotoVoltaic Systems and solar tracker with Sunlight Direct.

Solidworks CAD modeling and drawing for these designs. VisualMill for CNC G-code to mill parts.

Sheffield and Brown&Sharpe PC-DMIS CMM programming and measurement.

ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System implementation and administration.

Microsoft Computer server and workstation design construction and maintenance.

image2.gif Electronics Solidworks model examples.

image2.gifSolidworks Wireframe of switch box from Solidworks

image2.gifSolidworks Drawing of Switch box.

image2.gifAutoCAD Electrical Drawing of switch assembly from AutoCAD

image2.gifSolidworks Rendering of prototype pallet.

image2.gifRendering of Semi-Rigid Coax Assembly from Solidworks

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