Steven Much


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Mechanical Engineer 

Mechanical Product Design / Electro-Mechanical Process Design / AutoCAD & Solidworks CAD Design /  Computer Programming BASIC, ladder logic, CNC G code, LISP, C / CMM measurement using PC-DMIS, Sheffield and Brown & Sharpe / Computer Network Management Design in Novell and Microsoft



Key Skills: High-energy, self-direction and perseverance are traits I use to create profit rich products and processes.  I have a proven record of completions from customer concept to deliverables through SOLIDWORKS CAD and CNC CAM techniques.  Time and money are saved as I integrate and automate into manufacturing processes using Quality Function Deployment, Rapid Prototypes, Design for Manufacturability and Statistical Process Control to create cost effective solutions. I have recent training in PC-DMIS CMM measurement and history of custom programmed computer testers I designed, built and used.



Selected Accomplishments


Designed parts for solar tracking platform for harvesting sunlight.  As Product Development Engineer, I designed parts for assembly into a solar tracking platform for harvesting sunlight.  Cast Aluminum parts for 50 units correctly modeled, documented, assembled and run using Solidworks CAD at Sunlight Direct, San Diego


Created new telecommunications component parts to exceed Underwriters Laboratory 60950 requirements.  As Senior Mechanical Engineer at Sumida America Technology San Diego, I created dozens of new telecommunications component parts’ mechanical designs fabricated to exceed Underwriters Laboratory 60950 requirements.  These were Through Hole and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) electro-magnetic transformers to beat competitors.


Designed and maintained CAD and Engineering Drawing Management system in DDS.  As Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Sony Electronics, I won awards for designed custom computer testers and manufacturing systems. I designed and maintained CAD and Engineering Drawing Management system in use in DDS 4/92 - 8/99.  I  also provided the "in-house" support of the AutoCAD Release 13Mechanical / Electrical/ Site Computer Aided Design system network.(approximately 60 NT Workstations running AutoCAD R13 from a Compaq 2500 Novell 4.11 server.) Omron PLC conveyor control automation designed and built for Sony Display Devices.


Career History


Product Development Engineer, Sunlight Direct, Inc. - 10/08–02/09. Design all parts, assemblies and prototype solar tracker for HSL and CPV applications. This included documentation of parts and Configuration control using PDMworks with Solidworks 08.  I produced the first two embodiments of Concentrated Photo Voltaic collection systems for our parabolic reflector system.  I also designed and built up aluminum components to assemble and test the prototype systems.   One unit had a single arm supporting the CPV body and cooling system.  The other was driven by the existing components of the HSL adapted to support the CPV components. 


Quality Assurance Manager, Price Products, Inc. - 10/05– 07/08. I provided Solidworks08 drawing and computer measurement services to produce parts per customer specifications. Measurement methods include PC-DMIS CMM machines, optical comparator, Caliper, Micrometer and gages. Hundreds of drawings analyzed for GD&T and standard dimensioning to produce correct First Article and remaining parts.


Senior Mechanical Engineer, Sumida America Technologies - 03/00–08/03.  I created high demand electronic products mechanical designs using Solidworks CAD and Visual Mill Computer Aided Manufacturing to create prototypes of new designs rapidly “in house” using CNC milling process.  Designs confirmed by prototypes in a few days providing extreme savings and high customer satisfaction levels. Setup and used systems for designing and documenting to ANSI Y14.5M in Solidworks and AutoCAD.  Specified setup and used VisualMill CAM to create prototypes using CNC milling operations. COSMOSWorks Finite Element Analysis provided.  I use Silicone/Urethane molding techniques to duplicate parts. Generated documentation packages for hard tool injection molding millions of polymeric parts.


Earlier: Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Sony Corporation


Education and Training


·         PC-DMIS CAD++ CMM Software training - CMM software training and CM machine usage 

·         ANSI Y14.5M training - CNC software training and vertical Milling machine usage

·         COSMOS Finite Element Analysis training  /  Windows NT Certification New Horizons, San Diego, CA 

·         Training courses AutoCAD, and EDMS documentation and Solidworks 1 and 2 classes

·         Associate in Arts, Palomar College, San Marcos, CA / CNA Certified Novell 4.0 Administrator 


Presidents Award for CTV Phoenix Project - Applying PLC's to increase production capacity in DSM & CTV

President's Award for SD-190 SIM data collection system-Based on IBM PC's and RS-485 communications links to Omron PLC's.